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Slash Arena Online Game Play Now


Slash Arena Online Game

Play now online slash Arena action game. Massively multiplayer online battles with swords and axes. Simple arcade action! Dodge the attack and choose a perfect time to strike.Upgrade your weapon, slash enemies, collect resources and reach the top!

Slash Arena Online Features

Slash Arena game is available now to play online on your computer. It is a great action and multi player game. It has following features

  • Start the rapid battle and play as you want.
  • Attacked on your enemy with your hammers and damage calculated according to physical damage.
  • Rating mode for each battle.
  • 3 characters with unique fighting styles and weapons.
  • The game has various levels.

At last, I hope you liked the Slash Arena Online game. You can download this game for Android phone from here. You may also like Legends of Honor Game.


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