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Mini Putt 3 Golf Game Play Online


Mini Putt 3 is the 3rd installment in the popular Mini Putt (Mini Golf Game) series. The aim of the game is to complete all levels in as few strokes as possible. There is a total of 18 levels in this game. A score card is shown after each level is completed. The physics of the game is quite realistic. There are lots of objects to make the game challenging and enjoyable, for example, bounce pads, windmills, water, grass and mini hills.

Mini Putt 3 Golf Game Play Online

It is a famous sports game. It is the 3rd game of Mini Putt series. I hope you liked it. You may also want to play No Halo No Entry Play Game.

Mini Putt 3 Game Play Offline/PC

You can play this game in offline by below steps.

First, you need to download and Install Adobe Flash Player on your PC. You can download Mini Putt 3 game from Here. Now, you can play the game offline in your favorite browser like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, etc. On latest Chrome browser, Flash Player is disabled by default. You can enable it to follow below image.

enable Flash in chrome browser

Mini Putt 3 Play On Android Phone

You can play Mini Putt 3 game on your Android Phone by below steps.

You download Mini Putt 3 game in your Android Phone from above link. After this, install the Puffin Browser or SWF Player from Google Play Store. Now, open your SWF game file in your Puffin browser or SWF Player and enjoy the flash game.

At last, I hope you liked this tutorial to play the game offline in PC or your Android Smart Phone.

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