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Play Canyon Valley Rally Flash 3D Game Online


Play Canyon Valley Rally is a Jeeps designed for off-road challenges like this one, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be easy! Just staying upright will be tough in this intense desert race. Keep your balance, hug the turns, and knock into your opponents to flip them over and give yourself an edge. Incredible 3D graphics make this game easy to look at, but not easy to beat!

Canyon Valley Rally Game Play Offline/PC

You can play this game in offline by below steps. First, you need to download and Install Adobe Flash Player on your PC. You can download Canyon Valley Rally game from below link. Now, you can play the game offline in your favorite browser like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, etc. On latest Chrome browser, Flash Player is disabled by default. You can enable it to follow below image.

enable Flash in chrome browserD


Canyon Valley Rally Play On Android Phone

You can play Canyon Valley Rally on your Android Phone by following below steps. First, you download the game on your Android Phone from above link. After this, install the Puffin Browser or SWF Player from Google Play Store. Now, open your SWF file in your Puffin browser or SWF Player and enjoy the flash

At last, I hope you liked this tutorial to play the game offline in PC or your Android Smart Phone. You may also like 3D Stunt Pilot HD and Police Interceptor Driving Game

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